Smart Vision 55 Color Contact Lens (14.5mm Series)

Product Description


10 pieces / NTD$200
Product Introduction


-Pigments sandwiched in the center to minimize the risk of direct contact from eyelids and eyeballs

-Wide variety of design selections to meet every need of customers

-The dark outer ring makes your eyes more radiant

-Large-diameter color lenses make you a bright-looking fashion icon

Material Hema-copolymer 45% Water Content 55%
Color Blue tinted+ 1-tone 2-tone 3-tone, With 7 colors for each tone: Blue, Brown, Green, Violet, Gray, Black and Pink Content 10 pieces/box
Period Daily Diameter 14.5mm
Base curve 8.6mm Power 0.00~ -6.00D(0.25D steps) -6.50~-12.00D(0.5D steps)
Center Thickness 0.010~0.250mm Permit Number MHW medical device manufacturing No.004099