Smart Performer CO., LTD is located in New Taipei Industrial Park, founded in 2007 by a group of like-minded professionals in the field of contact lens. Our company is mainly engaged in the production of color contact lenses. We’re committed to R&D and manufacture of diversified color contact lenses by using our profound experience, professional knowledge and innovative design capabilities.

After repeatedly trial runs and revisions, monitoring parameters of processes, the company not only has increased production efficiency, but also passed the GMP certification, obtained the licenses of Ministry of Health and Welfare. With unique and comfortable lens material, gradual non-fading coating process, using FDA-approved photographic pigments and non-ionic materials to make lenses, we have successively obtained patents in many countries including Taiwan, Japan and China. We want our consumers to wear lenses comfortably and safely, without any pigment fading. The color matching and modeling of the lenses refer to the international fashion trend, which is both fashionable and beautiful. According to the consumer evaluation, the products have reached the international level.

Company Advantage

  • Make full use of flexibility, efficiency, innovation and rapid operation to achieve the goal: First to have it, then making it better, ultimate target is to make it the best.
  • Mastering key technologies, cultivating R&D and process improvement talents, constructing synergy system, accumulate replication, and create output value.
  • Providing customized OEM/ODM services, from lens design, formulation materials, packaging, applying for licenses etc. to meet the needs of customers.