Future prospects

As a small and medium enterprise, Smart Performer hopes that our company will achieve sustainable operation, establish long-term partnerships with customers and the society, fulfill corporate citizenship responsibilities and maintain advanced standard of safety, health and environmental. We will ensure that we take into account the human rights, labor care, safety of work environment, environmental protection and any other aspects, moving forward with the concept of sustainable operation.

Policies for sustainable operation include:

  1. Rigorous management of the company
  2. Giving back to society
  3. Committed to green production
  4. Develop environmentally friendly optical material
  5. Fulfill corporate citizenship responsibilities
  6. Concern for the underprivileged minority
  7. Ensure human rights and labor conditions
  8. Gender equality in the workplace
  9. Maintain sound financial condition
  10. Recycle and reuse plastic for production/Implement recycling label

Plans for sustainable operation

Plans for sustainable operation(internal)

  • Focus on performance of enterprise
  • Supply chain management
  • Ensure to compliance with laws and regulations
  • Enhance customer service
  • Innovate products and technologies

Plans for sustainable operation(external)

  • Management of pollution controlling and preventing
  • Management of reducing energy consumption
  • Reduce sewage and manage water resources
  • Call for environmental protection in product design
  • Product hazardous substances reduction and management

Sustainable sharing with employees

  • Salary, welfare, bonus and promotion system for employees
  • Cultivation of talent
  • Focus on labor relations
  • Attach importance to human rights, such as gender equality, foreign labor rights etc.
  • Prevention of accidents, disasters and occupational diseases
  • Participate in charity and community events

Giving back to society and the environment

  • Develop environmentally friendly optical material
  • Concern for the underprivileged minority
  • Provide equal job opportunities to the disadvantaged and women
  • Pay attention to environmental protection, such as recycling and reuse the plastic, and implement recycling label on products